7 Questions with F.E. Castleberry

F.E. Castleberry is the man behind one of my favorite blogs, Unabashedly Prep.  He once described his personal style as “A Southern boy in the Ivy League circa 1960s who later studied abroad in Italy for a couple of semesters.”  This description says everything you need to know.  Enjoy.

Sole Porn: What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own?

F.E. Castleberry: My favorite pair of shoes I own are my brown cordovan tassel loafers (Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren).

Sole Porn: What is one pair of shoes that you think every guy should own?

F.E. Castleberry: I think every guy should own a pair of goodyear welted penny loafers.

Sole Porn: Coke or Pepsi?

F.E. Castleberry: Lemonade.

Sole Porn: Do you have any desire to do your own line of shoes?

F. E. Castleberry: There are so many companies that make great mens shoes, but I still have a desire to do a couple offerings.

Sole Porn: Since you live in Texas, you do own a pair of cowboy boots, right?

F.E. Castleberry: Even though I live in Texas, I do not, nor have I ever owned a pair of cowboy boots.

Sole Porn: What shoe designers are you into right now?

F.E. Castleberry: I like some of the things Barker Black is doing but I’m an Alden/Crockett & Jones guy.  Their silohuettes and lines are timeless while being a stickler for quality construction and materials.

Sole Porn: What is your favorite movie?

F.E. Castleberry: My favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings.  Those Hobbits have impeccable style.